Current Libraries

1) Nzega, Tanzania
The very first digital library implemented by TDLI exists in the town of Nzega in central Tanzania. It was installed in November of 2014 at the Tazengwa Pentecostal Bible College and serves a community of roughly 30,000 people, in addition to several nearby communities. As of June 2015 the library is currently undergoing an update from a single server-based system to one which makes use of portable computers. This update was initiated to better accommodate the community’s needs in the event of power outages which tend to be very frequent. A laptop-based system is fully functional for several hours during power outages.


More about the process and implementation can be read on our blog at PEERVoice. As of December 2015 there has been an update to the Nzega Digital Library. A laptop based system has now been installed.

2) Ilembula, Tanzania
A second digital library was installed in June of 2015. It is a specialized digital medical library serving nearly 200 nursing students and staff at the Ilembula Nursing College in Ilembula, Tanzania.The Ilembula digital library project is the first to undergo an evaluation and follow-up is planned during the month of October 2015.


Some quotes from Ilembula’s students:

“It encourages to study hard because it is available at all times – also
for those who have no money” – Nursing Student

“Learning in a digital format helps and encourages students to learn more” – Nursing Student

“The Digital Library is very important. I hope that with the digital
content in our library, we will be able to improve our knowledge and learn
more” – Nursing Student

More about the process and implementation can be read on our blog at PEERVoice.

3) Kisumu, Kenya
Over 650 students at the St. Ignatius Loyola Secondary School in Kisumu, Kenya, obtained access to more than 40,000 books and educational resources via a digital library supplied by TDLI. This was the project’s first venture outside of Tanzania and the third digital library to date.


You can read more about the Kisumu effort on the PEERVoice Blog.


4) Tabora Institute Digital Library (Tabora Region, Tanzania)
(coming soon!)